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Creative CVs June 28, 2013

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It’s approaching that time of year when many new graduates are seeking their first entry into the world of full time employment.

For fresh graduates wishing to enter the creative industries however competition is fierce, so how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Well one of the most obvious ways is to have a great CV. We’re all familiar with the standard CVs one uses to apply for general offices jobs, but if you’re applying for say a creative role at an advertising agency, the standard format may not set you apart from the rest of the competition.

Coming across this post recently we found some pretty interesting examples of creative CVs, but how practical are some of these CVs?

For most jobs today job seekers are expected to email a CV to an employer. Although some of the CVs shown in the post look great, they beg the question, of ‘how will I get an employer to see this?’

Looking at ways to put together a creative CV in a more practical light we came across this page. It highlights the importance of starting with great content in your CV and then putting your own creative stamp on it. It also gives you some great design tips and links to example CVs for different creative sectors.

So have fun creating your creative CV and remember content is king.

If you’re stuck for inspiration have a look at these great examples.

Design the new front cover for the Finalist Directory August 3, 2011

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The Careers Group, University of London is holding a competition to design the new front cover for our annual publication, The Finalist Directory. We are looking for something new and exciting that will stand out and attract the right audience.

The Finalist Directory is distributed to University of London College Careers Services in September each year and has a shelf life of approximately 6 months. The content includes several careers related articles, an A-Z listing of employment opportunities, an A-Z listing of postgraduate study opportunities and careers event listings.

Producing a winning design for the front cover would be an ideal addition to your portfolio and also ensure exposure of your design to a range of employers, as well as approximately 12,000 finalists from the following colleges: Goldsmiths, King’s College, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, School of Oriental & African Studies, Specialist University of London Institutes & Colleges, St. Mary’s College and University College London. The winning designer will be acknowledged at the beginning of the publication.


How to enter: Email us to initially express your interest and we will send you a copy of The Careers Group logos and our brand requirements. Then send your design in high resolution pdf format by Tuesday 30 August at 5pm. Please remember to include your name and contact details, as well as a short paragraph explaining the ideas behind your design.

Creative CVs for creative jobs – inspiring examples June 17, 2010

Posted by Helen Curry in : CVs , 8comments

**** Be aware this content is over two years old ****

If you are applying for jobs and internships in very creative areas, like graphic design, fashion, illustration or film, why should your CV be cookie cutter dull? While you should still include all the standard elements – personal details, qualifications, skills, experience – you can also make an impression and show off your passion and originality by getting creative with the design.

First of all, think about:

Remember – getting a second opinion on your CV is all the more important – is the design distracting? Does your design ‘fit’ with the company you are applying to? Following it up with an email or call to get feedback might be a good move too.

And now, the gorgeous examples:

Clear, easy to print, yet still highly distinctive

Such an original concept

Love the colour

Here you can see the standard CV information is still clear and easy to read

Great character

Sweet yet practical and professional

Such attention to detail

Showcases illustration skills

Post your design online, and it might even go viral like these :)

What do you think? Are these bold approaches risky?